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Gas Academy organizes and manages signature industry events in the countries where we are active. Our ability to tap on our established networks and our understanding of industry challenges allow us to create events that directly benefit all stakeholders in these markets.

Our events are also designed to create a platform for government officials to make announcements on the future direction of the industry concerned. Attendees of our events benefit from obtaining first-hand knowledge of the government direction and are thus able to plan their strategies early to meet the upcoming opportunities and challenges.

Our events are seen as the key annual industry gathering in each country, attracting often huge visitor turnouts. Beyond the opportunity for existing exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their product offerings to the whole industry, these events facilitate networking, information sharing and business development.

Upcoming event calendar:

1. Oil & Gas Cambodia Conference & Exhibition: 19-21 March 2019

2. LPG West Africa Forum & Exhibition: 9-11April 2019

3. LNG Vietnam 2019: April 2019

4. LPG China 2019: July 2019

5. LPG IndoChina 2019: Octobor 2019

6. LPG Myanmar 2019: November 2019